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Webzone Media Pvt. Ltd. is a venture of Ahsan Group, Working for News Media by Webzone Live news portal and YouTube channel. Webzone Live is a group of young reporter who are working for giving you unbiased news of Varanasi city.
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Webzone Media Pvt. Ltd.

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Today, in our conscience, there is a struggle between need and freedom, hatred and love, death, and life, on the other side there is a struggle between high and low, rich-poverty, exploitative-exploited in the material world, from problems. As much as mankind seeks solutions, problems are not solved, but they start turning into conflicts, problems can be solved only if we take care of the development of every person's inner life. mostly seem to glance toward the national interest! It is our endeavor to make your voice reach the point.

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Webzone Live News Portal

It is a matter of great pleasure that a fair webzone live news portal is being run by a team of young journalists from the world famous heritage city Varanasi, focused on concerns.

Webzone Live News Channel

Webzone Live is an online news channel providing all the latest video news of your city. Our channel always tries to raise the problem of a common man. Webzone Live is a public and free platform that help you to find your solution.

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